Principles of Transformation

  1. I am 100% accountable for everything in my life and how I choose to feel. My life is one that I have created both consciously and unconsciously. It represents my conscious actions, passions, desires, thoughts, dreams, feelings, and interests. Happiness is a choice! Misery is a choice! I get to choose my experience, and I choose happiness!

  2. I know I am unique, and I honor my rarity. I am aware of my needs and wants at all levels. I am aware of what nurtures me physically, mentally, emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually. I acknowledge all my gifts, strengths, and weaknesses. The kingdom of God comes from within and I know a life unexamined is not worth living. I examine my life and make adjustments daily.

  3. I am spiritual. I live by principles and I honor my relationship with God and the universe. I have a place where I practice my spiritual rituals regularly, whether it be church, a temple, a synagogue, a mosque, my home, high on a mountain top, or anywhere in nature.

  4. I spiritually and emotionally feel forgiveness for myself and others from the depths of my heart. I don’t judge others for what they say and do. I practice the art of letting go. I let go of the negative emotions of hate, envy, arrogance, greed, pride, regret, inferiority, superiority, resentment, jealousy, guilt, and anger.

  5. I think realistically and optimistically. I know that sometimes positive thinking (positive affirmations) can be a form of denial, so I don’t BS myself. I confront negative and painful issues head on, knowing that all experiences are for my good and learning. Out of the wounds of life come great blessings and strength.

  6. I view life with a sense of humor. I laugh at myself and with others in a way that is refreshing and uplifting to all. I see absurdity of life’s political, religious, social and cultural dogma. Every moment of the journey, I find reasons to laugh at life’s and my idiosyncrasies.

  7. I see and experience others as spiritually unique beings who can teach me. I acknowledge and compliment them for their contribution to my life’s experience.

  8. I create intimate, loving relationships that honor my spiritual uniqueness, and which motivate me to my highest state of being. I love myself and recognize that I am vulnerable. I risk loving all manner of men, women, children, race, cultures, and creeds.

  9. I nourish myself and others daily. I feed and exercise my body, my mind, my heart, and my spirit. I acknowledge the holistic approach to wellness. I know I am what I eat, study, drink, and how I exercise, thus I do these things consciously.

  10. I do good without seeking recognition, never telling others about my anonymous random acts of kindness, which are done with unconditional love.

  11. I am part of a community or group that supports me in my spiritual growth. I make contributions of my time, talents, and financial resources to this community and the world. My life’s work is meaningful and purposeful. My work is more than a job—it is the opportunity to serve others and contribute to society.

  12. I recognize my dependence on the environment and the earth for my well-being. I respect my relationship with all living things on this planet. All life is sacred!