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Individual coaching starting at $125/hour.

Business coaching starting at $3000.

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Individual Coaching

$150/hour — 50 minute session.  

Couples Coaching

$300/hour — 90 minute session.

Family Coaching

$500/hour — 100 minute session

Divorce Coaching

$3,000 — Includes parenting plan and non-judicial financial settlement possibilities. Plus legal fees if necessary.

Family Intervention Coaching

$3000 — Boundaries.

Family Tune-Up Coaching

$5000 — 7 hours. Plus travel and expenses. 

Management Business Coaching

$5000 — Includes product, services, legal and financial analysis.

Business Group Coaching

$3000 — Best value! 3 hours of coaching plus 1 hour of business environmental/cultural/organizational research. Plus travel and expenses.

Business Coaching and Analysis

Starting at $6,500 — Includes financial, legal, and organizational behavior; tax, company structure and employee analysis; and report. Call for a quote.

Three-day Coaching Retreat

Call for a quote — 3 days.

Group Coaching

Call for a quote — Includes family groups, youth groups, civic groups, religious groups.

Keynote Empowerment Coaching

Call for a quote — 30-50 minutes. This includes family groups, business groups, youth groups, civic group and religious groups. Of 30 people or more.